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Castle Hill Community Association

Castle Hill Community Association

The Castle Hill Community Association represents the interests of the home owners in the village- the current contacts in the association are listed in the table below. A subscription form for the CHCA can be found here in pdf format or downloaded in Word format from this link.

The CHCA also coordinates bookings for the community hall in the village (see the table below), as well as maintaining a list of the houses in the village that are available for rent.

Recently the CHCA, under the helm of Paul Weber, has been active in the development of growing network of mountain biking tracks in the Castle Hill Basin area- this has included the construction of the Hogs Back and Sidle 73 tracks, the upgrade/reroute of the Dracophyllum Flat track, and the development of the Coal Pit Spur track to Flock Hill.

Castle Hill Community Association 2016/17


John Reid

(03)-317-9280, 0274-338225

Deputy Chair

Ray Goldring



Rick Hill



Liz Hay



Maree Goldring



James Baines



Mike Baddeley



June Cloudesley



Brita Corbett



Rob Murfitt

(03)-338-88236, 027-6817007

Building Approvals

John Reid

(03)-317-9280, 0274-338225

Reserve Committee

Alan & Robyn Ogle


Hall Bookings

Lisa Chiles



John O'Malley



 Postal Address: Rural Bag 55037, Orchard Road Mail Centre, Christchurch 8154