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Craigieburn Trails

See the Craigieburn Trails website for all the detail on the tracks in the Craigieburn Trails network, including the Hogs Back Track.

Please note that some of the Craigieburn Trails are closed on a seasonal basis. Please do not ride the tracks during the winter or immediately after rain. Current track status is given on the Craigieburn Trails website.

The Hogs Back Track

The Castle Hill Community has worked with the Department of Conservation since discussions began in 2004 to construct a track within Craigieburn Forest Park connecting Castle Hill Village with the Cheeseman Ski Field Road. The majority of the track construction was carried out in a series of community work parties over the 2010/2011 summer.

The track provides approx. 8 km of single track available for use by walkers, mountain bikers and skiers to access the backcountry, and runs from the small car parking area up the gravel road from Castle Hill Drive to Texas Flat on the Cheeseman Road. Riding the track can be made into a round trip by heading back down to SH73, along to the Cheeseman Road entrance this side of the Broken River bridge on SH73, and up to Texas Flat.

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The CHCA have big plans for more mountain-bike track development in the Castle Hill Basin. Please help us help you enjoy yourself at Castle Hill by giving a donation towards future track development using the Paypal donation button below (note that a Paypal account isn't required to make a donation).

All donations are gratefully received and are held by the CHCA in a separate bank account specifically for the purposes of track development and maintenance.

Short tracks from the village

Leith Hill Loop

Head up Castle Hill Drive along the gravel road towards the St Andrews School Lodge bridge over the Thomas River and immediately turning right along the true right bank and following the track/steps to the clearing near the school lodge. Head west to the far end of the clearing before following the track left up the steep bank and right again at the top towards the "depression" or "sink hole" on the side of Leith Hill.

Commanding views of the Castle Hill Basin are found from the "depression" at the top of the loop. A (currently) slightly more intermittent path curves initally southeast and then northeast near the perimeter of Thomas Bush crossing a couple of streams and the Thomas River again on it's way back to the village.

Upper & Lower Beech Forest Logging Tracks

Follow the start of the Hogs Back Track from the car park on the Castle Hill Drive gravel road up the hillside and follow the Logging Track signs.

Marbar Track

From the intersection of the Upper & Lower Beech Forest Logging Tracks, a walking track drops steeply down the hillside to join the village water intake access road.

Link Track

From the clearing on the water intake access road where the Marbar Track joins, ford the Thomas River and follow the track to join the Leith Hill Loop track.

Water Intake Track

Near the intersection between the northwest ends of the Upper & Lower Beech Forest Logging Tracks, a rough track heads southwest ending up at the Thomas River where the village water supply is sourced. Return along the easy 4WD track from the water intake.

Kids Bike Loop

From the south corner of the St Andrews School Lodge clearing, follow an obvious track with a choice of two exits onto the terrace across the Thomas River from the village where these tracks join the Leith Hill Loop return track.

While the St Andrews School Lodge is on public land, please respect their concession; e.g. by considering using the walking path bypass from the Thomas River bridge instead of the lodge access road.

Other walks in/near the Castle Hill Basin

Trig 'M'

Camp Saddle

Castle Hill Peak

Helicopter Hill

Bridge Hill

Cave Stream Reserve

Cass/Lagoon Saddle

Bealey Spur

Walking Access

The NZ Walking Access Commission's WAMS system has been designed to assist the public to identify land in New Zealand open to recreational access on foot.

Station Access

Castle Hill Village and Craigieburn Forest Park are adjacent to both Castle Hill Station and Flock Hill Station. Privately owned/leased land is not available for roaming at will.

If you wish to access the private land you need to contact the owners for permission. You will likely not be allowed to take dogs onto their land, due to the risk of disease and stock disturbance. According to the Dog Control Act 1996 (Section 60, clause (1)) farmers and owners of stock and poultry are legally within their rights to shoot an animal that wanders onto their land.

Castle Hill Station

  • Jos and Catherine Van de Klundert; 03 318 8620 (owners)
  • Chris Tapp; 03 317 9545 (manager)

Flock Hill Station

  • Richard Hill; 03 318 8069 (manager)
  • John Ebert; 03 318 8196 (manager)