No particular recommendations for provider at time of writing. Most telecoms providers have a range of packages, some of which will include free calling to e.g. anywhere in the South Island or anywhere in the country.

As of May 2012, anecdotal evidence indicates that the current village telecoms cabinet may unfortunately be reaching capacity even for phone connections. See Physical Infrastructure for an update on this.

Mobile phone coverage

Aug 2014: both Telecom and Vodafone have gone live with cellphone coverage in the Castle Hill basin, which extends from close to Lake Lyndon to the Craigieburn cutting.


A lot of sections in the village have been advertised as "broadband to the boundary". That may be true, although there is a large caveat:

Physical infrastructure

At the time of writing (May 2012) there is limited capacity in the telecoms cabinet that services the village. This may mean that applications for new broadband connections may be placed on a waiting list. After the Feb 2010 earthquake, there was quite a demand in the village for broadband connections, and capacity was upgraded at that time from approx 20 connections to approx 30.

If you want a connection, requesting a connection (and thus potentially being placed on the waiting list) seems to be the best way to indicate increased demand; the Community Association does not have any contacts with any of the telcos to be able to expedite connections.

An alternative solution that works for some is to share a wifi connection, but this obviously depends somewhat on physical circumstances. Wifi "range extenders" may be one way to help boost Wifi signals.

Update (Winter 2013): The telecoms cabinet has been upgraded along with work on fibre supply to the Coast. What this means for connection capacity is unknown at the time of writing.

Internet Providers

Different providers have many different packages. As of May 2012 Snap Internet have a pretty good broadband & calling package starting at $75:

  • Full speed download / full speed upload
  • FREE unlimited access to iSky
  • 5GB data per month
  • Standard phone line
  • 03 is free
  • Super-low 10c per minute landline calling:
    • National
    • Australia, UK, Ireland, USA (excl. Alaska) & Canada
  • Talk for up to 2 hours (landlines only) and pay no more than:
    • $2 for national calls
    • $4 for calls to Australia, UK, Ireland, USA (excl. Alaska) & Canada
  • Super-low 25c per minute mobile calling

TV/Radio Reception

TV reception is almost non-existent in the village; radio reception is not much better. For a while there was a TV signal repeater/booster located near the village hall, but this has fallen into disrepair/dis-use, and is being decommissioned.

Most houses wanting TV reception currently utilise either Freeview or Sky satellite dishes.

Refuse collection

There is no refuse collection from individual houses in the village. There is a waste transfer station near the village entrance, consisting of 4 large lidded skips/bins. These bins should be emptied regularly by the council contractors (particularly around school holiday periods).

These bins are for domestic waste only and must not be used for e.g. construction refuse.

There is a limited recycling service available at the village currently.

Green waste

Green waste (uncontaminated with e.g. tannelised timber, etc) can be taken across the road, through the golf course (via the right-hand/southern gate across from the village) to the far end before turning left towards an old set of stock yards, near where you should find an obvious pile of other green waste waiting to be burnt. Burns are performed once a year or so. Branches should be no larger than 100mm in diameter so as to ensure that the burn completes within the time allowed for in the fire permit.

Postal deliveries

There is no postal service direct to physical addresses in the village. Items addressed as follows are collected and delivered to the village mailbox near the village entrance by a West Coast-bound courier overnight:

[Your name]
Private Bag 55037
Orchard Road
Christchurch 8154

Instructions for outgoing mail collection can be found inside the village mailbox, but essentially the process is:

  1. Place your mail in one of the hessian mailbags.
  2. Hang the large reflective tag on the nail on the Give Way sign post nearest the mail box.


Currently the only details for firewood supplies we have are:

Sam Leighton
Phone: 03 318 7200

Water supply

The village water supply is taken from further up the Thomas River and is completely gravity-fed. Storage is provided by large tanks in the forest near Enys Drive. The supply is chemically treated.

Chimney Sweeping

Currently there is an informal arrangement for a chimney sweep to visit the village on the weekend of the Community Association AGM (usually held at the start of March each year).

Rodney Carr
Phone: 03 324 2999
As of 2012, the standard charge for a sweep on the AGM weekend was $50.

Another provider of chimney sweeping services is

Clean Sweep Canterbury Ltd
Phone: 0800 SWEEPER / 0800 7933737