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: GMap:ll=-43.209133,171.7167&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
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: GMap:ll=-43.208894,171.714973&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.209465,171.715037&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
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'-These instructions have been prepared by Ray Goldring.-'
Each house owner should be familiar with their own fire prevention/management requirements.

The local fire brigade is '''{+50 minutes away AFTER a 111 call!+}'''

It is up to '''YOU''' to get your people out safely.
!!!At home - Preparation
Know your fire exits and ensure you have an evacuation plan!
* Always look for a second exit when you are staying at a new place
* Before retiring, ensure fireplace is secure, candles are out, stove is off and close internal doors
* Check placement of fire extinguishers (one in kitchen and one by main exit) and hoses (these will freeze in winter – drain before storing)
* Check smoke alarms (upstairs, downstairs, by bedrooms)
* Mow long grass near your house
* Store ashes in metal container (do not dispose of in Village rubbish skips)
* Do not vacuum up ashes – empty vac-sac if in doubt (not into skip bins)
* In winter make sure everyone has a set of warm clothes, boots and car keys handy for a quick escape
* Make sure everyone is out (count). Put any kids in a safe place
* Close windows and doors as you leave to slow fire down
* Take these instructions with you
* Alert neighbours; sound car horns – get them to ring 111
* Grab coats and blankets on your way out
* Move cars and turn off any gas cylinders
* Go to fire trailer by fastest method
!!Fighting the Fire
The fire trailer is on Trelissick Loop, opposite the playground on the rise next to Trelissick Lodge (see red marker in [[#LocationOfFireTrailerAndHydrants|map below]]).
!!!Get 6 items from the fire trailer
# Standpipe – screws into street hydrant
# Key – a pointed bar to open lid on hydrant box
# Bar – long tap bar to turn on the water
# Fire hoses – enough 25 metre lengths to reach fire
# Nozzle – adjustable tube to direct water jet
# Protective clothes – boots, gloves, coat and helmet
# Open nearest hydrant cover with key-bar; remove cap to water main
# With tap-bar, open valve to flush rust and debris from water main
# Turn OFF valve and screw on standpipe
# Make sure one of the outlets in the standpipe is closed (capped)
# Connect end of first hose to standpipe
# Roll out hoses in zigzag pattern towards the fire – join them as you go
# Attach nozzle to last hose
# Get someone to slowly turn on the water
# Advance slowly; aim hose at fire (use wide spray to protect from heat)
# Attack fire from a doorway or through broken window
# If/when help arrives, turn off water and connect second hose to standpipe – continue the attack from two sides
# Keep fighting the fire until the brigade arrives
* The more people who can help the better
* Hand signals for - {+water on+} (arm up) & {+water off+} (arm waving low in cutting motion) – will help over distance or noise
* '''Locate and remember''' your nearest fire hydrant
* '''During winter – keep the snow clear of your nearest fire hydrant – it could be your place that needs access to it!'''
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!Location of Fire Trailer and Hydrants
The nearest volunteer fire brigade is at Springfield. Being at least 30 mins away, realistically the village community is on it's own in terms of a first response.

Take the time to acquaint yourself with the hydrant nearest to your house and the equipment provided in the fire trailer.
!Location of Fire Trailer and Hydrants
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!Location of Fire Trailer and Hydrants
The map below shows you the location of the village fire trailer and the yellow in
-ground hydrant points around the village.
: %gmap% [[GMap:ll=-43.209633,171.714635&z=16&t=h"w:100%;h:400"]] : Center, view and zoom of the map
: GMap:ll=-43.208973,171.711831&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.209696,171.713068&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.210437,171.71228&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.210031,171.71407&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.210716,171.714098&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.211064,171.714517&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.210869,171.714868&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.211751,171.715773&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.210607,171.715499 : Fire trailer
: GMap:ll=-43.210493,171.717194&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.209794,171.716164&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
: GMap:ll=-43.207823,171.713364&icolor=ff0 : Hydrant
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: %gmap% [[GMap:ll=-43.209633,171.714635&z=15]] : Center, view and zoom of the map
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: %gmap% [[GMap:ll=-43.209633,171.714635&z=15]] : Center, view and zoom of the map