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Mid-winter Dinner

Biannual Easter Art Weekend

The Castle Hill Village Easter Art Weekend is a biannual event including an Exhibition, Art Auction, Art Trail and Creative Workshops for both children and adults. In 2009, 43 artists exhibited work.

The Exhibition usually runs over Easter Sunday and Monday and displays works in a range of mediums including sculpture, photography, painting, books, music, textiles, ceramics, jewelery and jade, all of which are for sale.

Not for Profit

The weekend is a non-profit event which gives artists an opportunity to come together collectively, showcase their artwork, and generate some sales within a community environment.


The Castle Hill Village Easter Art Weekend is a community event aimed at promoting local artists and those artists who have an association with the Castle Hill Basin.

The weekend also allows residents and visitors the opportunity to view and purchase local artwork, and meet the artists in their own environment.

The event aims to promote Castle Hill Village as a prominent creative location on the Great Alpine Highway, Selwyn District, and New Zealand.