Design Issues

Design Rules

Homes in the village are generally required to meet the Castle Hill Mountain Village Design Rules.

A number of existing home owners have contributed unofficial design suggestions (e.g. design considerations to cope with climatic extremes etc at Castle Hill) that new owners may like to consider.

Design Approval

New house designs must be approved by the Design Assessment Committee which consists of John Reid and a representative of the CHCA. This approval must be gained before submission of building plans to Selwyn District Council for consent.

To start the process of gaining approval from the Design Assessment Committee, please email a set of plans to John Reid.


There is a list of native and exotic plants and trees recommended for planting within the village.


Planting appears to work well if plants are planted in late spring with weekly irrigation and rabbit fencing – allow for growth of the plants with 500 mm diameter cages (minimum).


Broom control is required by Selwyn District Council/ECAN on empty sections, and can/will be enforced.