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Coal Pit Spur Track

We have big plans for more mountain-bike track development in the Castle Hill Basin. Please help us help you enjoy yourself at Castle Hill by giving a donation towards future track development using the Paypal donation button below (note that a Paypal account isn't required to make a donation).

Fonterra Grass Roots Fund Big ups to the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund for granting the Castle Hill Village Craigieburn Trails project a generous $5000 to go towards completion of the Coal Pit Spur Track!

We're delighted that the Craigieburn Trails continue to receive significant recognition of the value that we're providing recreation-wise to the wider Canterbury Region.

The Coal Pit Spur Track is the latest project to be delivered by the Castle Hill Community Association. The track runs from the Craigieburn Ski Field Road down to Flock Hill via Manson Creek. This track is the last link in a connected dual use trail that now runs from Castle Hill Village right through to Flock Hill Station via the Hogs Back, Dracophyllum, and Sidle73 Tracks.

Track Route

Project Milestones
Stage 1: Construction of 2.5 km of track from Manson Creek Trail Head near Flock Hill Lodge along Coal Pit Spur to the Craigieburn Stream

Fundraising to be completed and approved by 1 August 2013 to enable contractors to be engaged in the spring of 2013. It is expected that Stage 1 will start in September/October 2013 (subject to weather and ground conditions – if it’s too wet then digging will have to be delayed). Contractors will take approximately 3 weeks to complete Stage 1 from Manson Creek to the Craigieburn Stream.

Stage 2: Construction of the Craigieburn Stream Bridge

Stage 2 involves the construction of the Craigieburn Stream Bridge by contractors. It has been estimated that this structure will cost $15,000 based on similar costs observed during the construction of the Waterfall Creek Bridge on the Hogs Back Track and will require a building consent (to be obtained by DOC in association with CHCA).

Stage 3: Construction of 2 km of track from the Craigieburn Road down to the Craigieburn Stream

Subject to weather, work parties (2 by CHCA and 1 by Ground Effect) will commence in October 2013. A work party will be held every month (October, November, and early December) to complete Stage 3, which is the cutting from the Craigieburn Ski Field Road down to Craigieburn Stream.

Stage 4: Completion of car parks and the installation of signs

It is expected that the car parks and trail signs will be installed mid–February 2014. This will involve DOC and roading contractors in the area.

Stage 5: Official Opening

It is expected that the track will be open by Christmas 2013 in time for the major period of summer recreating in the area (mid -December till Easter).

The official opening with supporting organisations will be conducted at the next major event that will use the trails. At this stage this is likely to be a scheduled biking/running race being planned for mid-February, which will run from Flock Hill to Castle Hill using the trail network.

For more information on the track go to the Craigieburn Trails Website