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Craigieburn Forest Park Tracks

Within Craigieburn Forest Park is a network of roads and dual purpose tracks popular for mountain biking. Biking is permitted only on ski field access roads and the bush tracks sign-posted 'open to cycling use’. Be aware at all times of other vehicles on these roads. These are shared-use tracks. Follow the mountain bikers code: respect others, respect the rules, respect the track. The mountain bike trails described below all start at the Craigieburn Picnic Area.

Craigieburn Forest Park Routes - Open Cycle Map

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Lyndon Saddle Loop

  • Grade 3: Intermediate
  • Distance: 8.8 km return
  • Time: 1 - 3 hr
  • Other users: walkers

  • From the Craigieburn Picnic Area ride to the Craigieburn ski field road via the Sidle 73 Track. The Craigieburn Valley Track starts approximately 3 km up this road. Turn left at the next junction and follow the easier sidling track up to Lyndon Saddle. The right fork at the saddle (affectionately known as “The Luge” by mountain bikers) is a long undulating and twisting trail to Broken River ski field road. Follow this road back to the picnic area.

    Note: Mountain bikes are not permitted on the other two tracks starting from the Lyndon Saddle junction. These tracks lead either up Helicopter Hill or to down to the Craigieburn Picnic Area and are very popular family walks.

    Craigieburn Valley Loop

  • Grade 4: Advanced
  • Distance: 15 km loop
  • Time: 2 - 4 hr
  • Other users: walkers

  • From the Craigieburn Picnic Area ride to the Craigieburn ski field road via the Sidle 73 Track. Ride up this road to the head of the valley, beyond the ski club buildings and onto the Craigieburn Valley Track. This track provides an undulating and, in places, technically challenging single-track ride either back to the ski field road or to Lyndon Saddle as described previously.

    Broken River Skifield Road

  • Grade 3: Intermediate
  • Distance: From picnic area to club hut - 6 km
  • Time: 1 hr 30 min - 2 hr
  • Other users: walkers

  • The road leaves Craigieburn Picnic Area following Cave Stream and climbs to Jacks Pass. The road follows the valley beyond the locked gate, winding its way to Windy Corner and on to the club huts. Beyond the day lodge on the ski field, sections of the road are steep and loose but the ski basin can be accessed by bike.

    Broken River Skifield Road to Camp Saddle

  • Grade 3: Intermediate
  • Distance: 2.5 km from tractor shed to Camp Saddle
  • Time: 2 hr uphill
  • Other users: walkers

  • Camp Saddle Track starts opposite the ski club tractor shed beyond the locked gate on Broken River ski field road. An old 4WD drive track narrows as it steadily climbs through beech forest. The track then comes out into open tussocks; poles mark the route to Camp Saddle. Enjoy the magnificent views from the tussock and scree saddle before returning the same way.

    Dracophyllum Flat Track

  • Grade 3: Intermediate
  • Distance: 1.8 km
  • Time: 1 hr return
  • Other users: walkers, picnickers

  • Take the road from the Craigieburn Picnic Area following Cave Stream to Broken River ski field road. The Dracophyllum Flat Track begins opposite the road intersection and gradually descends to Broken River. The track then briefly ascends through mountain beech to a sheltered clearing which is covered by red-brown Dracophyllum, native tussock and a host of small herbs and ground-cover plants.

    The continuation of track beyond Dracophyllum Flat is currently under development by the Castle Hill Community- click here for more details about and also for more general information on the Dracophyllum Flat Track.

    This is a popular picnic site so ensure you watch out for other users.

    The above material has been sourced under Crown Copyright from the Department of Conservation website- the original can be found here).